Depths rising - The Siren's shelter

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Uploaded: 1st Feb 2015 at 4:37 PM
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The Siren's shelter

Once upon a time there lived a girl. She was very beautiful and her voice had a power to capture human hearts. But there was something even more special about her - she was a mermaid. Or maybe I should say that people believed she was. The girl lived in a small tower, covered in corals, in the middle of the sea. If you want to see it for yourself then don't forget your swimsuit...or a boat

Floorplan, exterior and interior of the Siren's shelter

Basic information
Lot price and size:
Furnished price72 558
Unfurnished price24 426
Lot size30x30

Lot placement:Place the lot in the middle of water of any kind (sea, lake...). Don't place the lot on land.
Roof issues:If there is a hole in the roof, go to - build mode - roof section - use the delete all roofs feature and then undo the action
Lot front:Please always make sure that the beach part of the lot is set as a front
Performance issues:If you are experiencing performance issues, delete all fog emitters


You will need all expansion packs up to Island paradise.
You will need a roof recolour by Amarysauce: - shade AquaBright
*build with game version : 1.67.2

Additional credits

I would like to send my thanks to all people from the Creator Feedback Forum who helped me to build this lot - every word of support means a lot to me A special thanks belongs to Amarysauce for her beautiful set of roof recolours.

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