Aurora Sanchez

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Aurora Sanchez, a songwriter born in Spain

Aurora Sanchez moved to America at age 16. Her dad got a good job over there. And now it's time for Aurora to shine.
Back in Spain, she already wrote songs in English. Sometimes she included Spanish lyrics in the songs as well.
Every single day, Aurora tries to improve her language and learns new words. She tries her best to write good songs and hopefully the most talented artists will be able to sing her songs one day.

I hope you like this sim I created. Please give me credit for my creation if you use Aurora in photos or videos and upload them somewhere. Don't claim my sim as yours, because I took time creating her.
The custom content is not made by me, so all credits go to the creators which I listed in the custom content list.

~ AlwaysMusic.

Custom Content by Me:
- Aurora Sanchez

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