Disentangled Part 2 - 26 De-Accessorized, Retextured, & Fixed Up EA Hairs

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Uploaded: 28th Aug 2015 at 4:59 PM

The second part of my more-decent-hair-for-townies project. As I mentioned in the first upload, I dislike using high poly CC hair meshes on all the random sims that populate my worlds, so I went through several of EA's store and expansion pack hairstyles and removed the clunky accessories, redid the textures, and made a few other fix-up type changes (such as resizing them, correcting bad mapping, fixing bone assignments, and so on).

These hairstyles are for teen, young adult, adult, and elder females. They appear in the everyday, formalwear, sleepwear, swimwear, athletic, career, outerwear, and naked categories and are set to valid for maternity and valid for random. The styles that have a recolorable accessory can be found in the hat section of the catalog. They are NOT default replacements, nor do you need the original version for them to work. Furthermore, these hairs have:
  • Proper mesh tangents (so no weird shine in CAS).
  • Reduced lower LODs.
  • Fat morphs when needed.
  • Smooth and accurate bone assignments.
  • Scalp and face textures (on most of them).
  • Normal maps.
  • New diffuse and specular textures with Anubis' EA highlights for the control.
  • Custom thumbnails for easy identification.
Finally, both the Flora and Norma hairstyles have two versions, but you can have both in game at the same time. On Flora, version one is with the veil while version two is without, and on Norma version one is with the small side braid while version two is without. I couldn't decide between those variations so I just made both, but as with all of these feel free to pick and choose the one(s) you want. =)

Polygon Counts:
Alice - 2824
Bella - 2330
Celia - 2860
Daisy - 2088
Edith - 3474
Flora V1 - 3152
Flora V2 - 2108
Gemma - 2320
Hazel - 3535
Irene - 3164
Janet - 3839
Kelly - 2888
Laura - 2584
Mabel - 3176
Norma V1 - 3683
Norma V2 - 3627
Olive - 3342
Pearl - 3332
Quinn - 3241
Robin - 2789
Sybil - 2756
Tansy - 2202
Udele - 3005
Viola - 2645
Willa - 1427
Xenia - 1742
Yulia - 3646
Zarah - 3494

Additional Credits:
Anubis360 for the control texture, Pooklet and Shockshame for their diffuse textures, Delphy for DABOOBS, Peter and Inge Jones for S3PE and s3oc, Wes Howe for the MS3D plugins, CmarNYC for the amazing meshing toolkit, Nysha for putting up with my questions and her invaluable advice on this (and all my projects!), and heaven for her support and feedback. Thank you all! <3