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Movie Hangout Dining Set Recolors

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Uploaded: 20th Feb 2016 at 2:56 AM
The Movie Hangout Stuff pack had some great shaped dining objects, but the colors were way to wild. I made 7 different color schemes to be a little more neutral and easier to coordinate with other items. The colors match the Long Stretch Sofa that I made recolors for, see related uploads tab, to find those here on Mod The Sims.

The original Run Run Runaway table had textures that made the wood looked old and scratched. I changed the normals and the recolors to take out those details, to give the set a more fresh and new look to them.

There are 7 recolor schemes. White, black and a few different natural wood colors.

There are four files you can download, There is a file for each separate item, Run Run Runaway Table, Vexing Dining Squared chair and Vexing Dining Rounded Chair. The fourth is the Set of all 3. you can download each item individually or the set.

The File creates a seperate item in the catalog, The recolors will not show on the original Maxis item, and will not override the original

See the Related uploads at the bottom of the page for more of my recolors of matching objects.

Additional Credits:

Sims 4 Studio