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Child To Toddler Braid Conversion

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Uploaded: 14th Jan 2017 at 1:48 AM
As you probably know, toddlers were finally released for the sims 4!
Because they are new, it means they have limited options with hairstyles
So I decided to convert this hair to toddlers!

Colors - This Hair comes in all maxis colors and will work with genetics.

Is it hat compatible? - Yes! This hat is hat compatible and will work with all toddler hats.

Will you convert more hair? - Definitely! They're so easy to convert so I will make sure to convert more in the coming weeks.

Can I edit the mesh and make recolors? Of course! EA made this mesh so feel free to make recolors and edit the mesh as it doesn't belong to me.

Thanks to anyone who downloads, Nathan

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Get Together EP