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Supernatural Overlays : Genies and Mermaids

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Uploaded: 10th Mar 2017 at 6:39 PM
Updated: 23rd Apr 2017 at 1:43 PM - Moderator-requested edits
Updated 23. April 2017 Version 2 (V2) - Fixed issues with temperature-related moodlets

Hello, everyone

I have a few script mods for adding skin glow to two occults: the genie and the mermaid.
They add the genie overlay to either or both sim types, depending on which is installed.

GenieGlow, which only adds genies. (Requires Showtime)
MermaidGlow, which only adds mermaids. (Requires Island Paradise)
Genie&Mermaid_Glow, which adds both, as it is a combination of the previous two. (Requires both expansions)

These mods will check for new sims, every time Live Mode is enabled, to apply the overlays to.
Because of this, you may find sims that aren't affected : those that were born, spawned, or returned
from travel or boarding school during your current play session. Simply enable Build/Buy or CAS and then return to Live Mode again.

Regarding Cured Sims
Cured sims will still retain their overlays. Enable Build/Buy or CAS for the mod to correct this.

This should not conflict with any mods. However, I'll add them here, if any come up that can't be worked around.
These mods do not conflict with any of the vampire overlay mods from Virtual Artisan.

Additional Credits:
Special Thanks :
Virtual Artisan, for her Dead People Don't Glow mod, without which I couldn't have made my own
ModtheSims, for so many amazing scripting tutorials S3PE ilspy