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Nicer Vendors + Ask Animation Edits

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Uploaded: 21st Jun 2023 at 1:10 PM
Updated: 7th Feb 2024 at 10:23 PM
Updated 07/02/2024
  • Fixed Sims playing the negative animations when the Buy Items interaction is run by clicking on them directly instead of the register.
  • Adjusted animations for the special merchant (WA) and tattoo artist (AMB.) Now they will play the positive animations just like all other vendors.

This is a combination of two quick mods I made a while ago that deal with some animation-related annoyances I've had for a while.

Nicer Vendors
Ever since I started playing TS3, I was confused by the animations used for the Buy Items interaction on registers; it uses the same animations as the “Neutral” outcome of the Ask interactions, where the Sims have vaguely negative reactions to the interaction being performed.

I created a script mod that simply replaces all of the Buy interactions I could find and points them to the “Friendly” state, which contains the more positive animations between the two Sims.

It should work on all registers across all EPs, including objects like the Seasons concessions stand, as well as certain Sims such as the special merchant from World Adventures and the tattoo artist from Ambitions. Let me know if I've missed something!

Ask Animation Edits
This is a jazz script replacement for the Ask animations. It adds more variety to the animations used both for the initiating Sim and the target Sim in the Friendly and Neutral states, so the positive and negative reactions are a little different every time.

The extra animations are generally shorter than the vanilla ones, so Sims actually spend less time performing these socials, which is always a good thing in my book because asking another person what they do for work shouldn’t take as long as it does in this game.

You may still see the vanilla animations happening from time to time, although they will be less likely.

  • This mod is incompatible with NRaas Consigner.
  • Ask Anim Edits will conflict with any other mod that replaces the social_askfor jazz script in JazzData.

Credits & Thanks
  • Battery’s Script Mod Template Creator: Getting started with scripting quickly.
  • nraas: I used their Tunings code in my own script, which helped me inject the tuning of one interaction into another.
  • dnSpy: Peeking into the game’s files.
  • Visual Studio 2022: Writing the script.
  • s3pe: Exporting/Importing resources, creating the package file.
  • Thanks to TheSweetSimmer for helping me work out some issues with the jazz script!
  • Thanks to Gamefreak130 for helping me replace some of the interactions!
  • Thanks to the lovely community at TS3 Creators Cave!