Good Vegetarian! Sweater Dress (mesh needed!)

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I can't tell you how many times I've met someone, the conversation leads to me saying I'm a vegetarian, and they cringe, going into defense mode. Unfortunately, good vegans and vegetarians have a bad reputation because of the extremists, and everyone expects us to start harassing them about their diet. Organizations like PETA make the problem worse. When I tell you I'm a vegetarian, you shouldn't be ready to fight hostility and defend your right to eat meat, it should just be a simple response like if I were to tell you my favorite color is pink. These sweaters are here to express to people that not all of us are bad, and please don't stereotype us because of the radicals. We can tell you the facts, we can tell you why we choose to eat this way, but we NEVER have the right to try and convert you. My best friend and boyfriend eat meat, and they both adore animals as much as I do.

But, if you ARE interested in trying a vegetarian/vegan diet, make sure you DO know your facts, because if you don't, you'll be on the road to poor nutrition. Also keep in mind that these diets are incredibly expensive, and many restaurants don't cater to us because we're the minority. If you have been thinking about going on a meat free diet, I wouldn't mind if you PMed me to ask me how I did it, and how I keep it up. But a meat free diet is not for everyone, keep that in mind.

Otherwise, respect each other, don't discriminate, and accept one another. The world is a very scary place, but you can survive better with friends, not foes.


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