Phil **Requested**

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Uploaded: 5th Mar 2018 at 12:22 PM

This is Phil. In my game he enjoys music (especially drums). He is working as a nurse and seems to not to like any sport activity in my game (those sad emotes when i am forcing him to go for a run are life). Phil is also an avid follower of technology, being adept on the latest gadgets with his online buddies. He loves sci-fi, fantasy and role-playing, as well as the concept of robots taking over or being used to further people's lives. He is a born dreamer always almost unshakably optimistic, easygoing, happy-go-lucky and maintains a positive attitude in an insane degree of situations. Despite this, he is fully capable of being deadly serious. Phil is also very good with animals (he loves ants).

Custom Content by Me:
- Phil
- Eyes

Custom Content Included:
- beard by dlsimsf6 @ tsr
- Creme Brulee - Beach by Simpu (after asking for permission)
- clothes by ilikemusic640@TSR (file removed by the creator)
- mesh by aikea

Additional Credits:
Simpu for permission of using her skins.