Military Career (Sims 3 Remake) (Updated 5/16)

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Uploaded: 8th Mar 2018 at 11:06 PM
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Military Career (Sims 3 Remake) - For Sims who want to work in the armed forces.

The only two things I changed was Level 10 name from Astronaunt to General because we have an Astronaunt career already and the pay scale/rates.

The ideal mood is happy.

Skills: Fitness and Handiness. Starts off with Fitness/Handiness for level 1 and goes up +1 for each promotion.
The last level Top Gun you will need to max Handiness and Fitness before being promoted to General.

Level 1: Latrine Cleaner (20/hr)
7 am - 12 pm (Monday-Friday)
The recruiter might have fudged the truth a bit, because the role of the Latrine Cleaner is not satisfying, or even sanitary. Try to eke out a grin as the Lieutenant stops by to see your progress, because you might otherwise be transferred from the mess to something worse.

Level 2: Mess Hall Server (23/hr)
7 am - 3pm (Tuesday/Thurs/Friday)
Out of one mess and into another! Swap out your biohazard gear for a hairnet and give the troops their rations. Start hitting the weight bench so that you can flash your biceps for the Lieutenant when he comes by for his mush the military is always looking for in-shape individuals!

Level 3: Grunt (53/hr)
7am - 3pm (Monday-Friday)
Thanks to your hard work the military has found a new role for you. Head out to the training fields and give us fifty, grunt! We never know when the General will come by for inspections, so work hard, keep your uniform clean, and practice your parade drills!

Level 4: Squad Leader (75/hr)
8am - 6pm (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)
As a Squad Leader, you’ll start drawing salutes from the underlings. It also means your superiors expect more out of you and your squad. Train hard, inspire the troops, and make sure your superiors know your name when promotion time comes around.

Level 5: Flight Officer (100/hr)
7am - 4pm (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)
Officer status brings new stripes and new responsibilities. The mechanics down in the hangars will need you to know how to handle a wrench, whereas
the brass up top still want you in tip-top shape. You just might be writing checks your body can’t cash, Flight Officer.

Level 6: Wingman/Wingwoman (200/hr)
10am - 6 pm (Monday-Friday) Do your duty and the military will stand by you, but that’s easier said than done. You have a loaner aircraft under your command that no average Sim can fly, and a superior officer that needs your support. Never, ever, leave your Wingman.

Level 7: Fighter Pilot (275/hr)
8 am - 4 pm (Tuesday-Friday)
The extensive training has paid off and you’ve been rewarded with top-of-the-line jet, your name on its side, and your own Wingman to look after you. The military life is getting more exciting every day, but with that excitement comes danger and the unknown. Watch your six up there!

Level 8: Squadron Leader (350/hr)
7 am-5pm (Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday)
The entire squadron looks up to you, respects your judgment, and trusts you to bring them home safely. You’ve been promoted to Squadron Leader in the hopes you’ll continue this work, improve efficiency, and turn the men and women of Alpha Dingo Squadron into the best in the world.

Level 9: Top Gun (500/hr)
10am - 4 pm (Monday-Thursday)
You can execute the Immelman Turn and barrel roll better than any of the plots in the squadron. In fact, there isn’t a maneuver you cannot execute. The brass want to bring you in as a Top Gun instructor to spread the knowledge, impress the public with demonstrations, and spread your wings for the good of the people.

Level 10: General (1,000/hr)
7am - 3 pm(Monday-Friday)
You have made it to the top of this field. When your private phone rings, it's the President's voice on the other end of the phone line. Apparently, the president needs you for military and national security advice!