Animated - Sailboat + Water Ripple Effect ⛵

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Uploaded: 2nd Dec 2018 at 10:25 PM
Updated: 22nd Feb 2022 at 1:54 PM

Want to see the effect in motion and get some more info, please click this Youtube Video Link:
Bakies The Sims 4 Custom Content: Animated - Sailboat + Boat Trailer (it's only 4:23 minutes long)

This file has been UPDATED on 22-02-2022 with the following things:
- The Sailboat can now also be found in the Pond VFX section in build mode (besides the misc decoration section).
- Object's titles have been updated with an invisible 'Bakie' Search-tag in the title.
• The sailboat can also be found by typing sail, boat or sailboat into the search bar.
• The boat trailer can also be found by boat or trailer into the search bar.
- Object's descriptions have been updated to new format.
- Object Thumbnails have been updated with text adjustments.
- No price changes (sailboat S5000,- & Boat trailer S2500,-)

- Sailboat Placeable on Pond water surfaces.
- Sailboat Placeable on slopes, which makes it easier to place it above uneven pond/ocean floors.
- Both objects are now placeable through other objects, which makes them placeable in between (water)plants for example, without using cheats.

- Restored sun light shadows for the sailboat. When placing a seagull on the boat, the shadow won't be that of only the seagull anymore (floating shadow), but also from the entire boat underneath it.
Please RE-DOWNLOAD and delete the old file!

Animated - Sailboat + Water Ripple Effect
After a helipad + helicopter for your rich sims, this week you can surprise your Sims with their own Sailboat and Boat Trailer so they have something to place the thing on.
Besides unlocking them, I've also added additional recolors and small deco slots so you can place some of my animated seagulls on top of them too for example. (take a look at the Screenshots)
The boat trailer also has one large deco slot where the sailboat can be placed on. Just hover it over the trailer and it will snap in place all by itself.
As I made the sailboat also placeable on the watersurface, I thought adding an On/Of switch for a water ripple effect around the boat was needed too!
Unfortunately the animation is not that good visible on the image, as it's barely screenshot-able, it's easier to take a look at the video instead. In that video I also show some more examples on how to use these mods.

Object information:
These mods are Base Game Compatible.
They're standalone objects, so they won't override any other objects in game.
You can find the Sailboat in Build mode > Pond VFX / Buy mode > Decoration Misc OR type Sailboat into the search bar.
You can find the Boat trailer in Buy mode > Decoration > Misc OR type Boat trailer into the search bar.
You can recognize them by my "BakieGaming" icon in the lower right corner of the thumbnail.
The cost are: 5000 Simoleons for the Sailboat and 2500 for the Boat Trailer

Game Requirements:
Base Game Compatible

Game Version:
Tested with gameversion:

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I Hope you like this Animated - Sailboat + Boat trailer and will give me some credit if used in screenshots or videos!

>> Want to share my mods? <<
Besides giving me credit and linking back to this page, I would appreciate it if you could add my video instead of (only) the thumbnail.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the Sims 4 Studio
Thanks Adobe for making Photoshop