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TS1/Beta "Bella" Hair Recreated

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Uploaded: 26th Dec 2018 at 5:25 PM
When I was a kid I loved to play Sims 2 on my crummy old Windows XP computer, and when I discovered Custom Content through the wonders of the internet, it became my dream to make some myself. But being a dumb kid I couldn't wrap my head around the complex parts of SimPE to properly make anything. And so that dream was shelved. But now over ten years later I can say that I have finally achieved that dream.

This is a recreation of Bella's hairstyle from Sims 1, but more so Sims 2 beta. I hand-painted the textures to match the style of texturing used for hair in the beta version, and I am very pleased with how it turned out.

It is available in five colors, Black, Brown, Blonde, Red, Gray, and Purple for Child through Elder. It is also not animated. But it is binned.

Due to the nature of the hair there may be very small gaps visible on certain face types when looking straight at the face, they should not be very noticeable.

Polygon Counts:
Elder/Young Adult/Adult: 562 Tris, 334 Verts
Teen: 562 Tris, 334 Verts
Child: 560 Tris, 332 Verts

Additional Credits:
Blender for Modeling
Medibang Paint Pro for Painting
Paint.NET for Editing and Compositing SimPE EA