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TS4 Glow Bracelets

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Uploaded: 23rd Mar 2019 at 5:05 PM
Updated: 23rd Mar 2019 at 5:14 PM - Accidentally sent the wrong image
Ever looked at your Sim's party wear and thought "something's missing"?

Did you ever feel like you needed just that little bit of color in your life?

Or maybe you're just fan of neon colors...

In any case, if you're like me and feel like Glow Sticks should be a part of your Sims' lives, then this accessory is for you!

For the longest time I've been looking for Glow Stick bracelets for TS4 but I was never able to find anything that I actually liked, so i decided to make them myself!

WCIF it in game?
Found in the accessories category under bracelets in CAS.
It has a custom Thumbnail for both Male and Female, so you should have no issue finding it.
Allowed for Random!!

Example of what it looks like on both a male and a female Sim in Live Mode.

Compatible for Teens, Young Adults, Adults and Elders.

It actually glows!
What is even better than a pretty colorful bracelet inspired by glowing sticks?
A colorful bracelet inspired by glowing sticks that actually glows!

Update plans:
I plan on adding a version for Children in the future, and maybe more swatches.
I plan on making a special kind for Aliens too.

The glowing in Live Mode has a light pixelisation issue and the glow color sometimes looks different from your bracelet color, I plan to fix that as soon as I find how.
There's also a black outline on the inside of your bracelet in live mode, but unless you really zoom on it, it's not very noticeable.

Should not conflict with anything, if there's any problem let me know, I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Additional Credits:
Sims4Studio (Wishes)
The Sims 4