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Evelynn Eyes

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Uploaded: 30th Apr 2019 at 12:34 AM
So i’ve been working on these eyes for a few years now. They’ve gone through multiple iterations throughout that time and i’m finally happy enough with them to be able release them. :D

There’s 38 custom colours which include 8 blues, 8 browns, 9 greens, 4 greys, 9 unnatural colours and the 5 default colours.

The custom colours are genetic and pretty much follow the basic genetics in the game. Blues, greens and greys are all recessive and brown is dominant. The unnatural colours are also set as recessive

For more info on this click here and scroll down to :Making Eye Packages Inheritable.

Fun fact: The name Evelynn came from the founder of my now 111 member/ 5 generation sim family. Her family were the first sims to use these eyes.

Additional Credits:
Pooklet for the scleras