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Starlet Eyes - Default Eye Replacements and Contacts

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Uploaded: 22nd Jun 2019 at 6:03 PM
Updated: 24th Jul 2021 at 1:25 AM - spelling error lol
Update 7/22/2021

The Starlet eyes are finally updated to work with last June's patch. I also fixed some inconsistent tagging across all files, and disallowed contacts and unnatural defaults for random.
Please let me know if there are any issues still, or if I screwed some tags up.

I said before that I would be making add-ons for other life states, but since it has been two years since I have made these, I am no longer personally satisfied with how these look and am not confident I would be able to make any add-ons match with the originals. I am however in the process of remaking the layer file I used to make these so I can make new eyes that will include other life states.

I also may update these again soon. I noticed an issue where the textures are sometimes fine, but pixelate when certain CAS parts are selected, even when the Starlet eyes are the only cc in my game (it shows in every single picture in this post, so it's nothing new or different). I was going to try and upload a fix with the update, but figuring it out is taking a long time so I went ahead and updated them. Updating to the LRLE format now appears to cause the eyes to be pixelated all the time instead of some swatches being fine sometimes. If anyone has any insight, I'm open to advice and tips.


There's a lot of fantastic default replacement eyes and contacts out there, but most of what I've seen has been very maxis-match or very alpha, and I wanted something a little more in between, so I made these. I started with recoloring all 18 base game eyes, then made a few more natural and fantasy swatches. Well, maybe 20 isn't really 'a few'. These aren't meant to be comprehensive of every possible natural eye color out there though; heck I didn't even make a swatch that closely resembles my own eyes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Someday maybe I'll add more on, but in any case recolors are strongly encouraged!

I hand-painted these textures in Paint Tool SAI from scratch, and have included .sai, .psd, and .kra files with all the layers I used and files with every swatch on a separate layer in 2048x resolution in case someone wants to make these compatible for the HQ mod. I also included a guide to recoloring these for anyone who is new to making recolors, and tried to keep it as basic as possible.

Default Replacements

There are three options for downloading these eyes as default replacements:
  • default replacements for all 18 base game eye colors
  • default replacements for all 18 base game eye colors + 9 natural add-ons
  • default replacements for all 18 base game eye colors + 20 natural and fantasy add-ons
The first option will only replace the eye colors you see in-game. I replaced each base game eye color with as close to the same eye color as I could, so if you put this in your game your brown-eyed sims will not suddenly have blue eyes. Some colors will be more different from the base game eyes than others, as I tried to make the colors more natural-looking, more distinct, and more true to names given to the eye colors in-game (such as 'hazel blue' looking like blue-green and nothing like hazel).
The second option adds 9 natural(ish) eye colors in addition to the base game colors, including an albino (pink/red) and occular albino (lavender) eyes. The 9 add-ons will not replace any of the base game colors, so they will not be automatically applied to any existing sims.
The third option also has 11 fantasy/unnatural colors in addition the 9 natural colors. Again, these do not replace any of the base game eyes and will not be automatically applied to any existing sims.
I tried to tag these to allow them to show up on babies but I don't think it works. I removed the specular map on the eyes so they don't have that weird glare on them in live mode, but babies still seem to have a specular and don't have my eye texture from what I can tell.

As these are default replacements, they will override the game's eye texture. This means you pick the eye color as you normally do, not as contacts in skin details or a makeup category. These eye colors will also be genetic...for the most part (see known issues).

If you are downloading default replacement eyes, only download one of these! All three replace the base game eyes, and at best having more than one will be redundant, and at worst it could cause issues in your game.

Contacts (Face Paint)

There are three options for face paint contacts:
  • all 38 colors
  • 24 natural eye colors
  • 14 fantasy eye colors
The first has all 38 colors, the second has all natural base game colors (excluding red, purple, and aqua) plus my natural add-on colors, and the third option has the red, purple, and aqua colors from the base game plus my fantasy add-on colors.

Unlike the default replacements, you can have more than one of these in your game. If you wanted to download both the natural and fantasy eye color options so they are separate, that would work perfectly fine. Additionally, if you only wanted natural genetic eyes, but still wanted fantasy eye colors as contacts, you could download the natural default replacements and the fantasy contacts and that would also work fine in-game.

As the file names suggest, these can be found in the face paint category. They are suitable for feminine and masculine styles, all ages, and all outfits.

Issues and Conflicts

The game has a limited number of tags to use as eye colors, so I could not have an individual tag for every eye color. There were only three unused tags: honey, hazel, and golden.
Amber was already being used for the red and purple eye colors, so I tagged all the fantasy add-ons as amber so they'll go together at least, though this means a red-eyed parent and a cyan-eyed parent could have a lime-eyed child. If you have an existing red-eyed sim, this should not change their eye color and should only affect what eye colors any future offspring may have.
I tagged my amber eyes as golden, the two albino eyes as hazel, and the honey eyes as honey. The natural add-ons that didn't have a unique tag were tagged as the next closest eye color. (Ex. blue-green was tagged as blue, so a blue-eyed parent may have a blue-green-eyed child even if their partner does not have blue-green eyes). As far as I know, there is no way around this.

As mentioned earlier, the default replacements do not appear to work on babies. Or at least, I don't know how to make them work on babies.

The default replacements will conflict with any other default replacements. This includes Luumiasims' eye shine remover mod.

Terms of Use

Recolors are encouraged, but I do not give anyone permission to re-upload these files. If you do make recolors, please give credit to me for the original texture and link back either to my profile or this post. Thanks!
As I mentioned earlier, if someone wants to make this HQ mod compatible, the recolor resources has all my textures at 2048x resolution, so go ahead. The same terms listed above will still apply.

CC Makers Credits

In my live mode pictures I used cc from the following creators:
obscurus-sims, kijiko, remussirion, wingssims, anto, ms blue, sintiklia, goppolsme, alf-si, pralinesims, shojoangel, ryuffy, komugy, nightcrawler, fashionroyalty, musae, leahlillith, ha2d (hal's archive), s-club, crypticsim, aanhamdan93, busenur41, simpliciaty, honeyssims, mobisims, iconic, mmsims, stealthic, screaming mustard (myobi), dani paradise, bobur, kyimu, newsea, and namine

If I missed anyone please let me know and I'll add them!

Additional Credits:
Paint Tool SAI