ONLJANY Buttoned dress

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Uploaded: 7th Sep 2019 at 4:03 PM
Updated: 8th Sep 2019 at 11:00 AM
A good 4 months ago I saw this dress on ze good ol' internet and instantly loved it! Unfortunately, this dress, however, wasn't the one for me because... well, I'm probably not the first lady to discover that some curvy bits won't agree with a particular clothing piece. Here's a link to the picture! Click me to see!

But all that aside! I finally got to finish it! Took me a good 4 months as well! Mainly because... well, adult life. But! This is also my first take on TS4 new meshes and it was quite some adventure of discovering bugs, throwing my computer through the window, crying into my stroopwafel and other kinds of suffering :D

The Information bits:

How many colours are there?
The dress comes with 13 Solid colours and 29 Patterns...?! Yes 29 I said! Believe it or not, I deleted a bunch of them through the process of making this dress, so you could have had 50 if I wasn't so perfectionistic :P

What category can I find it in?
Age: Young adult, Adult, Teen, Elder
Gender: Female
Category: Everyday, Party, Hot Weather, Allow for Random.

Is it base-game compatible?
Yep! It's also a new mesh believe it or not

Any custom thumbs?
Nopers! I really just wanted to get it out there so.

Can I convert it to another game?
Why of course! as long as I get some credits for it of course So please don't steal!

Now I loveeee dresses with cardigans, mainly because usually it... doesn't work but i'm weird that way. But here you go my loves:

Martine?s Accessory Cardi by PlumbobTeaSociety/Martinessimblre -

Now, do what's most important, and that is enjoying the most out of things, especially this dress!

Polygon Counts:
What about the polycounts?
LOD0: 5000 (No idea how I managed that!)
LOD1: 3404
LOD2: 1563
LOD3: 584

Additional Credits:
Blender 2.70 and 2.79
The internet for tutorials :P