The Goth Manor - A Resurrective Renovation (Little CC Necessary)

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Uploaded: 6th Jan 2022 at 11:48 AM
Updated: 4th Jan 2022 at 3:23 PM
Or well... just a makeover! What better than a makeover to start the new year

In the 11 years, I've been playing this game, this was the only house in Sunset Valley I was always a bit too nervous to give it a makeover. Partially, that was of course because of the somewhat complex architecture of the house itself, but also for the fact of accidentally ruining the 'theme' of, what is the trusty Goth Manor we know!

However, in my latest rotational gameplay round, when I got to the house, I just felt that the more I played in it, the more... bland it felt? Especially compared to all the other houses in Sunset Valley that I had prettified (Whether small changes or massively). Thus, the end result!

Some of the goals
Initially, I started with some changes that just help regarding gameplay, and initially "quality of life changes".

Not sure about you, but Gunther for example, would never cook in the kitchen! Instead, he'd always just start barbequing hotdogs. This meant that my dude had to walk all the way to the fridge to get it... And that's why I decided to create an outdoor kitchen bit (Also, because in my game they usually have tons of parties).

In my save currently, Mortimer is also a teen, and usually when he becomes that, I have him explore some science-y skills. (Handiness, Science and Logic) Whereas as a child I'd have him pursue some creative skills as well as collecting bugs and sometimes gems. Usually, his bedroom is so small that all that stuff just doesn't fit, so it's now quite common in my saves to have him re-purpose the attic to his own (And add some more clutter to it to make it feel like an attic! )

Regarding the idea of the greenhouse, Cornelia happens to have the "perfect garden" lifetime wish, but the house doesn't nearly reflect any signs of her pursuing that. Therefore I felt that adding the tons of plants and 'harvestable plants' (and the greenhouse ) was the right thing to do. That way, she can happily take care of her garden and hopefully pursue her dreams finally! (She sure did in my game!)

Lot Info
Size: 60x60
Unfurnished Price: 212,604
Furnished Price: 346,204

Regarding the graveyard, all the graves are exactly the same. So you'll find Gretle, Victor, Simon, Prudence and Lolita in there. I didn't give them a makeover or anything, just moved their graves around Other than that, there are no actual sims included with this download!

(If you want the Goths to live in it, do make sure to use the cheat "freerealestate" )