[UPDATED 10/10/2021] The Sims 4 Modern Kitchen Stuff - Custom Stuff Pack

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Uploaded: 29th Sep 2019 at 9:05 PM
Updated: 10th Oct 2021 at 3:44 AM
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It's finally here! My first kitchen set! I've been working on this project for a month and a half now, so I'm very excited to release it to the world! All the items follow the same color scheme, but some can have some fun additions or wood tones. You will be able to match everything together regardless! All the items also include a specular and normal map, sometimes even an emission map.
You can look up these items in your buy menu by simply searching for "Littledica"! The thumbnails are all generated in-game thumbnails with a little green icon with an oven in it.

Stuff pack's color scheme:

It includes 45 build/buy items:

It's Nice To Have A Lamp: ceiling lamp; 50$ /Ceiling Lamps
Light Of The Future: ceiling lamp; 165$ /Ceiling Lamps
Fashionably Simple Cabinet: kitchen cabinet; 350$ /Counters
Fashionably Simple Countertop: counter-top only counter; 410$ /Counters
Fashionably Simple Countertop Island: counter-top only island; 410$ /Counters
Fashionably Simple Counter: counter; 410$ /Counters
Fashionably Simple Counter Island: island counter; 410$ /Counters
Fashionably Simple Sink: farmer's sink; 500$ /Sinks
The Extra Simple Dining Chair: dining chair; 150$ /Sitting/Dining Chairs
The Small Simple Dining Table: 1x1 dining table; 300$ /Surfaces/Dining Table
The Simple Dining Table: 2x1 dining table; 350$ /Surfaces/Dining Table
The Extra Simple End Table: end table; 200$ /Surfaces/End table
The Extra End Table: end table with a twist; 300$ /Surfaces/End table
H&B Linear Wash: dishwasher; 1750$ /Appliances/Big Appliances
H&B PROblend: decorative, non-functional food processor; 1245$ /Decor/Clutter
H&B MacroWave 2.0: microwave; 2350$ /Appliances/Microwaves
H&B Portal 4.0: EA fit fridge; 20000$ /Appliances/Fridges
H&B Portal 4.0 Plus: full tile, The Sims 3 style fit fridge; 20500$ /Appliances/Fridges
H&B Portal 4.0 Screen: smart speaker, shaped like a fridge screen, that can be slotted to the fridge's left door; 750$ /Appliances/Fridges
H&B SoftBreeze: thermostat (REQUIRES SEASONS! if you don't have the pack, download the separated object files HERE and delete it) 550$ /Electronics/Misc
H&B PowerWave 2.0 (island counters): stove, doesn't live a gap on island counters; 15010$ /Appliances/Stoves
H&B PowerWave 2.0 (regular counters): regular size stove; 15000$ /Appliances/Stoves
H&B PowerWave 2.0 - Oven: only the stove's oven, can be slotted to any counter like a dishwasher; 10000$ /Appliances/Stoves
H&B MasterTop: only the stove's hob, can be slotted to any counter like a dishwasher; 5000$ /Appliances/Stoves
H&B PROtoast: decorative, non-functional bread toaster; 500$ /Decor/Clutter
Prismatic Floor Tiles: floor; 4$ /Tiles
Prismatic Wall Tiles: wallpaper; 3$ /Wall Tiles
The Extra Simple Stool: stool; 150$ /Sitting/Stools
The Simple Storage Unit: storage unit with many decor slots; 150$ /Surfaces/Storage
The Things Holder: storage unit with many decor slots; 320$ /Surfaces/Storage
Tablet Holder: decorative, non-functional tablet; 150$ /Decor/Clutter
Tablet TV: a TV object, shaped as a tablet with a tablet holder. Sims can watch it while cooking even if placed with moveobject with more precision; 500$ /Electronics/TVs
Pan: clutter item (pan); 50$ /Decor/Clutter
The Extra Simple Paper Towel Dispenser: clutter item (paper towel roll); 45$ /Decor/Clutter
On The Go: clutter item (plane statue); 1000$ /Decor/Clutter
Concept Of Vase: clutter item (vase with rose); 100$ /Decor/Clutter
The Stack Of Plates: clutter item (stackable stack of plates); 100$ /Decor/Clutter
Let That Sink In: sink; 300$ /Sinks
A Chef's Best Friend: clutter item (spaghetti holder); 250$ /Decor/Clutter
Multi-Purpose Rectangular Basket: bin; 120$ /Bins
Serving Tray: slotted tray; 95$ /Decor/Clutter
Abstractum Absurdum: painting; 550$ /Decor/Paintings
Thinkin' Bout You Neon: neon sign; 300$ /Decor/Wall Decor
Fracture Prom: painting; 400$ /Decor/Paintings
Wildest Smells Rangehood: light-up range hood.
200$ /Stoves

Polygon Counts:
LOD0, LOD1, LOD2, LOD 3, ecc...
It's Nice To Have A Lamp: 198, 198
Light Of The Future: 126, 62
Fashionably Simple Cabinet: 50, 50
Fashionably Simple Countertop: 16, 16
Fashionably Simple Countertop Island: 16, 16
Fashionably Simple Counter: 80, 80
Fashionably Simple Counter Island: 80, 80
Fashionably Simple Sink: 474, 474, 474
The Extra Simple Dining Chair: 566, 404, 228
The Small Simple Dining Table: 94, 94, 94
The Simple Dining Table: 126, 126, 126
The Extra Simple End Table: 94,94, 94
The Extra End Table: 100, 100
H&B Linear Wash: 1386, 758
H&B PROblend: 694, 389
H&B MacroWave 2.0: 365, 223, 223
H&B Portal 4.0: 2108, 1315, 258
H&B Portal 4.0 Plus: 2108, 1315, 258
H&B Portal 4.0 Screen: 38, 38
H&B SoftBreeze: 106, 106
H&B PowerWave 2.0 (island counters): 380, 342, 306
H&B PowerWave 2.0 (regular counters): 388, 350, 306
H&B PowerWave 2.0 - Oven: 410, 256, 224
H&B MasterTop: 36, 36, 36
H&B PROtoast: 287, 179
The Extra Simple Stool: 238, 238, 238
The Simple Storage Unit: 142, 142, 142
The Things Holder: 560, 534
Tablet Holder: 170, 170
Tablet TV: 171, 171
Pan: 252, 252
The Extra Simple Paper Towel Dispenser: 224, 112, 96
On The Go: 312, 224, 158
Concept Of Vase: 478, 396, 224
The Stack Of Plates: 126, 76, 60
Let That Sink In: 794, 590, 330
A Chef's Best Friend: 446, 296, 262
Multi-Purpose Rectangular Basket: 40, 40
Serving Tray: 150, 150, 150
Abstractum Absurdum: 46, 38, 38
Thinkin' Bout You Neon: 14 (Only one LOD by EA)
Fracture Prom: 40 (Only one LOD by EA)
Wildest Smells Rangehood: 42, 42, 42

Additional Credits:
Blender, Photoshop, Sims4Studio.