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Cauldron Herbalism (Update - 3.11.2019)

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Uploaded: 1st Oct 2019 at 7:00 PM
Updated: 9th Dec 2019 at 11:16 PM
Cross post from my blog

Update - 11.10.2019

---- Added an alternate download for those who do not have Herbalism New Potions mod by LittleMsSam
---- Added Russian translations by Leoobarse

Update - 11.10.2019

---- Added french translations by Candyman


This is a mod ( script + override mod) which allows the herbalism potions ( Outdoor retreat) to be crafted in the RoM cauldron.

  • Added New 'Brew Herbalism Potion' Interaction on the cauldron
  • Interaction opens a recipe picker menu showing the potion name, cost, ingredients required and the herbalism skill level required.
  • All Outdoor Retreat herbalism potions included

  • Made the herbalism potion ingredients optional ( the potion can be made even if the ingredients are not in the sim's inventory for a price).
  • Added a small flat price ( 5 simoleons) to the herbalism potion crafting.
  • Supports Herbalism New Potions mod by LittleMsSam (You need to download LittleMsSam's mod for her potions to appear)

Overridden resources -


Requirement : Realm of Magic GP, Outdoor Retreat

Made with Game Version : 9/17/2019 ? PC / Mac

Conflicts : Conflicts with any mod which overrides the above resources

Installation - The .rar contains script + package. Both required.