Ariana Grande Sweetener World Tour & Space Shirt Collection (2019)

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Uploaded 19th Oct 2019 at 3:45 PM
Updated 19th Oct 2019 at 5:46 PM by Aquarium : update text

Update - 10/16
Fixed some incorrect categories. Added secondary colors to some swatches.
Fixed the male space T-shirts not displaying next to the other items in the catalogue. Now they're all in one place.
Changed the names of items from default EA names to descriptive names, to be safe.
Plans: Make some matching sweatpants to the set!

This is a set of T-shirts and sweatshirts imitating official merchandise of Ariana Grande's Sweetener World Tour. It also includes the Ariana x NASA space-themed shirts.
(You can buy them in real-life at and support Ari)

Available for teens and above, for both genders (different original meshes, no support for opposite body frame).
Color tags are properly edited for filtering. Those that have graphics have custom swatches showing the contents.

These are standalone recolors from EA meshes. There are 5 sets (3 for sweatshirt, 2 for T-shirt) and a standalone item.
Spa Day is required for the female sweatshirts (without undershirts). Get Together is required for the male sweatshirts with undershirts.

Outfit Categories
T-shirts: Everyday, Athletic, Sleep, Party, Hot Weather
Sweatshirts: Everyday, Athletic, Party, Cold Weather
Sweatshirts with undershirt: Everyday, Party, Cold Weather

Some of the designs are available as both sweatshirts and T-shirts, the NASA and God is a Woman sweatshirts are available with collars (undershirts) and without collars/undershirts.
Click on the below photos to view details and also the other photos in the thread (in-game screenshots) as well. (please excuse the model clones haha)

Sweetener World Tour Sweatshirts

Sweetener World Tour T-shirts

Space Sweatshirts + God is a Woman Standalone Sweatshirts

Space T-shirts

Notes on downloading
There are 2 zips available for download: the single package zip and the separated packages zip.

The single package zip should be self-explanatory.
For the separate packages zip, you can select the items you want as follows:
● ym -> male items, yf -> female items.
● The items are grouped by Sweatshirts and T-shirts. I have set descriptive filenames so you shouldn't have trouble figuring out the contents.
● The God is a Woman collared sweatshirt has male and female items in a single "ymf" file.

Notable Issues
The graphics are distorted at female Sims' breasts, and when you morph a Sim's body outside of the "square-ish" range. Similarly, when a Sim rests their arm or moves their arms towards their bodies, the outer parts of back textures will be distorted (especially text).
There is only so much I can do about this since the texture is wrapped around the Sim's model. Purposefully distorting the texture to accommodate will cause texture quality to degrade, so I opted not to do that. (I did make some of the textures smaller for female Sims, such as the NASA sweatshirts)
Small text is not legible, this is because the original EA texture is too small.

Thank you for viewing. I hope these will be useful to your game

Credits & Disclaimer
This imitation does not in any way suggest endorsement from corresponding real-life entities, and do not seek to damage or violate such entities. Should a request be made by the owners, this material will be promptly removed according to their wishes.
● Graphics used to imitate real products belong to Ariana Grande.
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● Ariana x NASA merchandise graphics belong to Ariana Grande.
Retrieved via Publicist from Complex:

Additional Credits:
Special thanks: Sims4Studio, ModTheSims.