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Medieval Cookbook - Read Description

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Uploaded: 9th May 2020 at 1:13 PM
Updated: 1st Aug 2021 at 12:14 AM
This mod is now obsolete and will not be receiving further updates. I have completely overhauled the cookbook and i'm in the process of uploading the olde cookbook kit here. In the mean time, it can be found on my patreon page - free to download!

What is Medieval cookbook?

Medieval cookbook is a custom food mod that works independently from all other known food mods. It is a book object that can be placed onto your sims lot and you, the player, can interact with the book to bring up a food menu and choose a food for your sims to make.

It's main purpose is for historical players as it contains replacement cooking props for a more 'medieval' kind! (It will not override any other foods so can be kept in your mods folder when not playing historically)

The recipes included rely on in game harvestables (with some recipes not requiring any, such as gruel)

What's included?

The newest version of Medieval cookbook - plus all current recipes up to 05.05.20


- Gruel
- Pottage
- Onion Soup
- Turnip Soup

- Chunky Vegetable Stew
- Fish Head Stew

- Baguette Bread Basket
- Raised Meat Pies
- Stargazy Eel Pie

- Carrot Pudding

How to use Medieval Cookbook?

Unzip the file and place into your mods folder.

- 3 swatches
- live drag-able - and drag-able to inventory
- found in small appliances or search 'LBB'

Place medieval cookbook anywhere on your lot - click to open the pie menu and choose a food to cook - your sim needs a functioning kitchen.

Made with game version

NO KNOWN MOD CONFLICTS - compatible with grannies cookbook!

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