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702 ZenView - Family Luxury Apartment (NO CC)

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Uploaded: 1st Nov 2020 at 6:08 AM
Hello again!

I built it with version.

Even though my build does NOT contain any CC, it's still marked in the library as CC, because I use TwistedMexi - Better BuildBuy . I definitely recommend this mod, it has helped me tremendously with the debug items. So be aware that, in order to see my build in your library, you have to have your Include Custom Contect box checked.

Before placing my lot, please have bb.moveobjects on, in order to have the items, in their place.

Please use 7-ZIP to extract the files.

It comes as 2 rooms. You place the first one, on the first floor and the second one, on the second floor. The ZenView apartments are very buggy and sometimes they don't let you delete walls. What I do is, that I delete the stairs from both of the apartments, and when I'm done with building what I want, I just place them back in.

You'll find it under Career&Misc.

Lot Size: 30x35
Lot Price (furnished): 96.963

Custom Content by Me:
- 702 ZenView
- 702 ZenView
- 702 ZenView
- 702 ZenView