10 Custom Wands (Realm Of Magic)

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Uploaded: 9th Dec 2020 at 12:33 PM
I finally have finished my custom wands. I put a lot of time into them and hope they will be fun to use.
I custom made each wand from mesh to texture and tuning. I also tuned a script mod so you can buy the wands at the vendor in the Realm Of Magic - where you buy potion needs - or you can buy them in buy mode in the appliances/miscellaneous section. Thank you for downloading - enjoy.



Cost And Polycount:

Snowflake Wand:
Polycount: 6674

Princess Wand:
Cost: 2000
Polycount: 4100

Wand Of Love:
Cost: 3000
Polycount: 5045

Wand Of Truth:
Cost: 4000
Polycount: 5435

Firefly Caster:
Cost: 5000
Polycount: 5732

Wand Of Twinkles:
Cost: 6000
Polycount: 7522

Rose Wand:
Cost: 7000
Polycount: 5033

Pegasus Wand:
Cost: 8000
Polycount: 5401

Scepter Of The Unicorns:
Cost: 9000
Polycount: 6140

Spell Caster Of Darkness:
Cost: 10000
Polycount: 6140


The second download is the one that will enable you to buy the wands at the vendor in the - Realm Of Magic - Or you can buy them in build mode.


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