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  • Newcrest Central Park

    by tylersada 18th Jun 2024 at 6:03pm

    Not much to say about a park. It has a pool, a play area for both toddlers and children. more...

    +3 packs 1 367

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Max Out Fitness (Base Game No CC)

    by tylersada 16th Jun 2024 at 3:47pm

    This is another lot I built for Newcrest. more...

  • Museum of Science and Industry

    by tylersada 11th Jun 2024 at 2:09am

    I thought I would do something a little different in Newcrest so instead of a normal Museum I created more...

    +17 packs 302

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • PlumbOil Gas Station & Store

    by dratsab 7th Jun 2024 at 6:07pm

    Hello everyone! I do really love the gas station aesthetics, so this is my vision of it in the game. This is more...

    +17 packs 2 840 1

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Moorish Influence

    by tylersada 7th Jun 2024 at 1:12pm , updated 7th Jun 2024 at 1:25pm

    I wanted a restaurant in Newcrest that I imagined as a cross between Spain and the Middle East (therefore the more...

    +20 packs 619

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Small Town Public Library

    by tylersada 31st May 2024 at 3:58am

    I loosely based this on the John J German Library in Tampa, Florida (mostly the inside stairwell and columns.). more...

    +25 packs 596

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Le Cinque Stelle Ristorante (noCC)

    by Henrik 25th May 2024 at 3:06pm

    Welcome to Le Cinque Stelle. Here your sims can enjoy a wonderful meal at this renowned italian restaurant. more...

    +15 packs 1.4k 1

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Jazz & Jams (no CC)

    by mamba_black 18th May 2024 at 2:11am

    Sul, sul dear Simmers! more...

    +23 packs 2 1.9k 3

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Simworld TV Channel (2 versions No CC & CC)

    by mamba_black 15th May 2024 at 2:58pm

    Sul, sul dear Simmers! Simworld TV channel has opened a new simternational office in the city of Magnolia Promenade. more...

    +29 packs 4 1.8k 3

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Sunset Cinema (no cc)

    by mamba_black 11th May 2024 at 5:15am

    Sul, sul dear simmers! more...

    +23 packs 4 1.9k 5

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Pizzería "Il Cantinori" (no CC, even if EA says yes)

    by mamba_black 7th May 2024 at 7:44pm

    Sul sul, dear Simmers! How are you all doing? This time, I've got a pizzeria for Willow Creek. more...

    +27 packs 6 2.6k 3

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Banana Architecture Studio (2 version NOCC and CC)

    by mamba_black 29th Apr 2024 at 1:53am

    "Hey, hey, cool bananas! We've created the architecture studio of Madame Mamba and her friends! more...

    +31 packs 2 1.6k 4

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Port Sulani Beach Club (no CC)

    by mamba_black 29th Apr 2024 at 12:20am

    Sul, sul cool bananas! Today we're bringing a pub to Sulani. more...

    +32 packs 4 3.3k 8

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Banana Bubble Tea & Shop (no CC)

    by mamba_black 24th Apr 2024 at 3:19pm

    Sul, sul, dear simmers! How are you all doing? After a long time, we're back (as always). more...

    +25 packs 2 1.3k 3

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Boulevard of Letters (No CC)

    by mamba_black 24th Apr 2024 at 2:42pm

    Sul, sul dear simmers! more...

    +33 packs 2 1.2k 4

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Plumbob Interiors Design Firm

    by manicpot8to 21st Apr 2024 at 7:40pm

    I recently had a sim join the Interior decorator career and so in keeping with having real locales for rabbit more...

    +20 packs 1.2k 2

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Starry Sands Bistro

    by manicpot8to 15th Mar 2024 at 1:30am

    Welcome to Starry Sands Bistro, where celebs mingle in style! more...

    +16 packs 722

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Crystal wedding venues in Sixam and Forgotten Grotto

    by Towairaito 11th Mar 2024 at 9:16pm

    This is a save file containing two wedding venues in the hidden worlds Forgotten Grotto and Sixam! You can check out more...

    +6 packs 1 831

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • The Odeon Bistro NY

    by Henrik 2nd Mar 2024 at 6:17am

    Please read the full description before downloading this lot! Welcome to The Odeon Bistro NY. This is kind of a strange lot, more...

    +36 packs 1.5k 1

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Charm Haven Plaza

    by manicpot8to 11th Feb 2024 at 8:08am

    Originally, I planned only to create a children's store, but I decided to just renovate the whole Roadstead Plaza. more...

    +30 packs 1.7k

    Lots & Housing » Community