Three types of tribal clothing with Castaway Stories textures

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Uploaded: 24th Jan 2021 at 9:31 AM
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I made these back in early january of 2019, the images were also made back then. The footages are all from Castaway Stories but these dresses work in the regular Sims 2 too.
These are outfits using textures from the spinoff Sims Castaway Stories game. There is a short and a long dress for adult females, and a loincloth for adult men.
The short dress and loincloth can be found in all categories except athletic and outerwear. The long dress can be found in everyday, formal and sleepwear. If I recall correctly, they are not in athletic because they were originally intended to be used in Castaway Stories by me which has no athleticwear category.
The loincloth also shows up for elder male sims, but the female clothes are only for adults.

- For the loincloth, you will need to get this mesh from Mod The Sims, by Tiggerypum:
- For the long female dress, you will need to get the mesh from Plumbob Keep, by Beryllium:
- For the short female dress you do not need any mesh as it is using the base game shortest nightgown mesh.

Additional Credits:
I got the original textures from Castaway Stories from a custom content about extracted Castaway content. So I did not extract the textures myself. I would like to give the credit to Hermit Fox on Garden of Shadows. Here is the original post: