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Colorful Clothing for the Journey to Batuu game pack

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Uploaded: 11th Jan 2021 at 7:00 PM
Updated: 6th Oct 2021 at 9:54 PM - New recolors!
Hey, all! I just got this pack and I noticed that there really aren't any bright color swatches for the included outfits. I mean, that makes sense, it's Star Wars. But none the less, I decided to make this little recolor for those like me who are missing a bit of vibrancy in their lives. You can easily find these outfits in the Female (Teen to Elder) full-body/Shoe section in CAS, using the Journey to Batuu pack filter. There are pictures of the thumbnails for each item below.

Update 10/6/21 - I recolored one overall outfit for male sims with shoe recolors to match. :D

Update 2/4/21 - I recolored one of my favorite shirts and a skirt to match. You have the option of downloading the new recolors separately or download all of the recolors available at once. Also, the new recolors have more color variants! I will most likely add more colors to these as well as the previous ones when I decide which colors to add. If you have color suggestions feel free to let me know. And lastly, I will be adding the new colors to the full-body outfit and shoes when I have time.

The set comes with 5 outfit swatches, 9 shirt and skirt swatches, and 4 shoe swatches that match. Enjoy and may the force be with you!

In game Thumbnails: