Boroughsburg Gotham Court Rec Center - 3t2

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Uploaded: 19th Feb 2021 at 9:10 PM
Updated: 14th Jul 2021 at 9:21 PM
Although I do not play TS3 that much anymore, I still went crazy for potato-ballad-sims' Boroughsburg world. There was one lot in particular that I just needed in my Downtown, and that was the public basketball courts. So, with their permission, I remade the lot for TS2 (you can call this a 3t2). I have attached photos from their Tumblr that provided inspiration.

The Gotham Court Rec Center is a perfect community lot for your athletic and sports loving sims. There are basketball hoops and soccer goals, public restrooms with showers, and a coffee bar to keep those energy levels up. A local break-dancer has even been known to show up from time to time.

This upload file has never had sims on it, but the lot has been playtested and is fully functional. As usual, I recommend piqiwi's More Townie Sims Visit Community Lot mod if your game can handle it. Also recommending Community Lot Skilling from MATY.

Custom Content Included in the File (Decorative, not essential)
Central Air Conditioner by IndigoRage at MTS
Electrical Box from Clutter Volume 6 by Amovitam (note: I couldn't get the download from this site to work, I got this object from one of Phaenoh's lots. That's why this is included in the download)

Custom Content NOT Included but Recommended!
Chickenwire Fence (Large) by Cyclonesue at TSR. This is the perimeter fence and is absolutely essential if you want the lot to look as shown. Not included per TSR Featured Artist policy.
Simlish Posters for your Sporty Sims by Simgaroop at MTS. Pictured but not included.

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price (furnished): 91020

Additional Credits:
Potato-ballad-sims for making the incredible Boroughsburg, and for permission to remake this lot and upload it.