My Chemical Romance The Black Parade jackets and pants

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Uploaded: 23rd Feb 2021 at 12:43 AM
I've had this idea for awhile now, and I learned a lot of Blender and GIMP skills in the process, including my first franken-meshes. I started them in summer 2020 and had to redo a couple of then jackets over and over, especially Mikey's, starting the mesh over from almost scratch a dozen times as I kept running into snags that made it crash my game or break visually. Luckily I ironed all of those out, within my skillset, and I have been using these ingame for months and I have noticed no major issues.

Jackets are named after their respective owners.

From the left to the right: Bob, Mikey, Gerard, Frank, Ray.

Bob's jacket is recolored from a Get Famous jacket. Gerard and Frank's are recolored from a base game jacket. Mikey and Ray's jackets are franken-meshes so they work base game. The pants are recolors from base game.
I made sure that the UVs for Mikey and Ray's jackets worked with the boots and pants my Sims are wearing (Boots from Moschino stuff) along with WW, though they may conflict with other bottoms or accessories, they should look just fine in their 'intended' outfits.
As a note, the 'skirt' of Mikey's jacket clips into the legs sometimes in some poses or animations, but not usually too bad. Also larger butts will clip through it and I cannot make it not do that, but if your Sim has a smaller butt you'll be fine. If they wear the matching pants along with it you'll barely even notice.

All textures made 100% by me, based on the original jackets/pants from various photos and videos, trying to be as accurate as possible, but I can't promise 1:1 conversion. Base colors taken from vectors I made.

Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder.
Masculine frame, but unisex working.
All five jackets in the jacket category, pants in the jeans category.
Formal, Situation, Party. and Cold Weather categories.

Polygon Counts:
Mikey's jacket:
Vertices: 2913
Polygons: 4216
Vertices: 2035
Polygons: 2779
Vertices: 1520
Polygons: 1927
Vertices: 1267
Polygons: 1496

Ray's jacket:
Vertices: 6001
Polygons: 7962
Vertices: 4830
Polygons: 5973
Vertices: 3875
Polygons: 4441
Vertices: 3265
Polygons: 3455