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Uploaded: 14th May 2021 at 5:08 PM
Updated: 11th Feb 2022 at 11:54 AM

For the actual effect in motion, more info and some example scenes, please click this Youtube Video Link:
Animated - Placeable Creatures - Specters

This file has been UPDATED on 11-02-2022 with the following things:
- they can now be found in the Pond VFX section in build mode.
- Object's titles have been updated with an invisible 'Bakie' Search-tag in the title.
• Items can now also be found by typing Creature, Creatures, Specter or Specters into the search bar.
- Object's descriptions have been updated to new format.
- Object Thumbnails have been updated with (Animated) text adjustments.
- Object Thumbnails have been updated with a blue fading into black background color. This makes it more clear in the Pond VFX section that this object contains creatures and can be placed both on terrain as above water surfaces. It can be used in multiple worlds.
- Prices have been changed for better placement in the Pond VFX section.

- Placeable on Pond water surfaces.
- Placeable on slopes, which makes it easier to place it above uneven (pond/ocean) floors.
Please RE-DOWNLOAD and delete the old file!

Animated - Placeable Creatures - Specters
Specters are the colourful ghosts from the Paranormal Stuff Pack, that appear at night when the lot type is set to Haunted House.
Normally you can't place them yourself, but now you can!

The specter colors you can choose from are: (friendly) green, (mysterious) blue, (mean) red and (awkward) yellow.
These specters can be placed everywhere you want to, whatever the lot type is. They also can be placed whenever you want to, they will appear both at daytime as at night.
I've also enabled repeat placement and made them placeable on water surfaces.

Just like the specters that appear on the haunted house lot types, these also have 4 interactions attached to them, which are:
Watch the specter, present an offering, try to communicate or offer your soul.
After one of these interactions has been finished, the specter might disappear. Also after a while of flying around there's a change of them disappearing.
If you want to delete them before this takes place, simply go to build mode and delete them like with every other object.
You can't delete specters if they fly outside of the lot. You then first have to wait for them to return to the lot, before being able to delete them.
If you want to see examples of everything mentioned above and to see the specters in motion as well, then take a look at the video linked above.

Object information:
This mod requires the Paranormal Stuff Pack.
It's a Standalone object, so it won't override any other objects in game.
To easily find it, type 'Specter' into the search bar.
You can also find it by going to the Pond VFX section.
It can be recognized by my "BakieGaming" icon in the lower right corner of the thumbnail.
The costs are: 1 Simoleons

Game Requirements:
Paranormal Stuff Pack

Game Version:
Tested with gameversion:

WARNING: Depending on your hardware, using a large amount of specters can slow down your computer and/or game. Use with caution!

Custom Content visible on the Thumbnail made by me:
Walk Through Grasses - Basegame + Jungle Adventure - Updated 19-07-2019
Raisable Rocks - Jungle Cliff Walls
Raisable Rocks - Jungle Cliff Ceilings
Unlocked Pinetree Pack (7 new trees)

I hope you like this Specters mod and if you do, please leave a comment!
If you want to use it in screenshots or videos, be sure to give me some credit!

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Besides giving me credit and linking back to this page, I would appreciate it if you could add my video instead of (only) the thumbnail.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the Sims 4 Studio
Thanks Adobe for making Photoshop