Faux Pond Community Pool

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Uploaded 22nd May 2021 at 2:43 AM · Updated 22nd May 2021 at 11:31 PM by RagdollVioletNeko

Hello Simmers
I am Lady Violet
This is my
Faux Pond Community Pool
Community Lot

Lot is 100% playable without NightLife, you will only lose the hot tub

50x25 - F: 98,455 - UF:52,582
GP V1.67
I wanted to try something a little fun, since we cant swim in actual frikken ponds....
So here we have a community pool designed to somewhat look like a cute pond area.
It has a bar/concession and picnic area as well as a playground.

I had the Gallaghers over to help me do some testing. Fiona had a little swim before some sunbathing on the back end, Debbie and Liam had a nice time on the playground, Lip got super relaxed in the hot tub *cough cough*, Frank got his drank on (of course) at the bar and Carl and Ian enjoyed the pool.

Please note the area around the floating lillies is not swimmable within a few sim feet of them, poor Lip got stuck for a minute, the rest of the pool is usable.