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Rainbow Dash EG Pjs

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Uploaded: 9th Jul 2021 at 2:08 PM
Updated: 10th Jul 2021 at 2:26 PM
These Pajama's are based on the My little pony Equestria girls Rainbow rocks movie. They are based on the sleepware that Rainbow wore in the sleepover part of the movie. They may not be exactly like the ones she wore but they are close enough that I feel confident that your sims will love them just as much as mine.

The shirt is made for Elders, Adults, Young Adults, and Teens.
the shirt can be found in cas in
Tops > Sweatshirts > Everyday/sleepwear.

The pants are made for Elders, adults, young adults, and teens
The pants can be found in
Bottoms > Pants > Everyday/Sleepwear/Cold weather