Mystery Manor

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Uploaded: 20th Aug 2021 at 1:15 AM
Updated: 24th Aug 2021 at 1:32 AM
I'm proud to bring you the Mystery Manor, inspired by the Scooby Doo cartoons.


Set include:

* the house on a 30x40 lot which has the SPOOKY Challenge of course, and also has the Vampire and Island Spirits traits so it will attract lots of spooky spirits and so on.
* five Sims (Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, Fred and Scooby)
* custom content I've scavenged from all over
* my own custom content creations for this project.

I went to Hanna-Barbera's site to get the characters' "official bios" which I used to choose their character traits and aspirations. For example, Shaggy is Lazy and a Glutton.

It started with my adaptation of the Mystery Machine to one of the debug background vans. Then I needed Scooby, of course. Now I had to have the others. That meant I had to build the Mystery Manor. I couldn't find certain items, so I made what I needed.

I would suggest moving it to a larger lot, though.

The Manor holds a little secret...

You'll need to use the normal cheats.

bb.moveobjects on
testingcheats true

There are two files. You need both, to display properly.

MM and is the lot itself plus the Sims. The contents go in your Tray.

MM is the custom content, which is placed in your Mods folder.

And you may need to use the resize keys for a couple objects. [ ]

Scooby is obviously neutered, so please take him to the vet and make it "official".

Except for Three Roses ~ Masonic Symbolism, all my own custom content included in this lot was recolored or un-debugged specifically for this project.

My CC included:

(Buy Mode)
Mystery Machine Van (de-bug recolor and texture tweaks)
Mystery Map (de-bug recolor)
Magnifying Glass (base game de-bug recolor)
Questionable Rug
Three Roses ~ Masonic Symbolism Painting

(Build Mode)
Spooky Siding (multiple swatches)
Spooky Foundation (two swatches including one I ended up not using)
Black recolor of Maxis' Elegant Window
Spookyvane (recolor AND major rework!): weathervane with Scooby on top!

Scooby: my adaptation and simification of his hide and body. No cc used other than that, to create him.
Velma: Velma's Orange Turtleneck Sweater (Maxis recolor) [/b]

Additional CC required:

I couldn't get the Upload Sorcerer to accept the CC links from the Sims 4 Studio site, so here they are:

Schwerin Castle Towers by Felixandre!As7fExCluiEGiX44VMq3v7yCFaND

Empire chairs by Felixandre!As7fExCluiEGigl8ji6K-LmlRj7h

It comes with a starter set of furniture, pretty basic. There's TONS of awesome cc out there to fill this mansion, decorate it your way, the possibilities are endless. I would suggest checking out Mutske and Felixandre at Sims4Studio, as well as the amazing creations at MTS.

Many thanks to the incredible creators of Sims 4 Studio and TSR Workshop!