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6 Traits; Modder, Baker, Zen Seeker, Fantastical, Sweet, Simtuber

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Uploaded: 3rd Oct 2021 at 2:19 PM
Here I present my latest work; 6 custom traits. As one uses the baking skill, you will need the Get to Work EP for this pack. Just download to your mods folder, unzip, and enjoy!

"Most sims just play games. Modders tweak them until they bend!"

Zen Seeker
"This sim seeks inner peace and an understanding of their place in the world."

"Some sims are just born to bake!"

"From griffins to white knights, this sim is crazy for all things fantasy-related."

"These sims live for Simtube, and want to become a star on the platform."

"This sim is sugary sweet, and while most people appreciate that, it can sometimes get on other sim's nerves!"

I hope you enjoy my work, and happy simming!