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Beckett Hawthorne

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Uploaded: 19th Oct 2021 at 3:06 AM
YAMS - If you've ever done the 100 baby challenge then you will understand the need for YAMS (young adult male sims). It's not easy finding a good partner, much less a good baby daddy. I wanted some good fathers for my SIM mother, that wasn't an odd towny with awful traits! So I created the YAMS - Hope you find a good match!

Beckett Hawthorne - "I'm looking for social, cultural, and intellectual interaction with a fellow academic. I'm currently studying for a degree in Computer Engineering, but am hoping to get a Distinguished degree in Psychology, as well. I'm a proud member of MensaSim, The Debate Guild and am President of my book club, Shelf Indulgence. I love the finer things in life, fine dining, fine art, and fine company. I enjoy playing the violin, programming and robotics. I love living in Britechester and want to make it my permanent home. My ideal date would include a gourmet dinner with stimulating conversation, followed by a poetry reading and a deep, meaningful discourse over coffee about the finer points of iambic pentameter."

Installation: After unzipping your download, place all the files in the Tray folder, found at C:/...Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray
They can't be placed in a subfolder. Go to Options | Other | Enable Custom Content and Mods and check that the "enable custom content and mods" and/or "script mods allowed" is ticked. Reboot game and find the new SIM in your Gallery.