Sweeping Success Staircase Addons

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Uploaded: 21st Dec 2021 at 7:41 AM
Hola! Today I bring y'all some more pretty things for the Stairs section of the catalog!

(No, I did not plan to release these so close to/at Christmas, it just happened that way, so now these will be a fun Advent gift--Happy 4th Sunday in Advent!)

I have wanted to have stairs like these in my game for some time now, in particular for another one of the mansions I built in my hood, Crumplebottom Hall. For a while I went with double "Upwardly Mobile" staircases, but what I really felt the space needed were lovely curved pieces, to add an elegant air to the foyer. I felt a little daunted by meshing, so it was only after I successfully made the Art Deco add-ons (with the help of mustluvcatz) that I finally felt I could tackle these.

I began working on them several years ago, but real life, writing, and bouncing between projects got in the way. I finally picked them up again, and was actually getting close to finishing them when a certain WCIF thread asking for something similar caught my attention. Given that these were so close to done, I realized I had better hurry up and so here they are, the A Little Success and A Small Success staircases.

The one on the left is A Little Success and the one on the Right is A Small Success, and these two have a little surprise: they come in two parts!

While I was working on these, I decided I wanted plenty of color options, which if left as they were, wouldn't be possible, so I separated the parts out. What y'all are getting is the railing piece and the stair piece to put together, allowing for all sorts of wonderful color combinations. I didn't do this just because, though: I did this because these staircases are also meant to match the basegame Upwardly Mobile staircase, which Maxis made in a rich cherry wood (but not the M&G Sweeping Success staircase, which is oak...apparently because they could...). But with the stairs and the banister separated, that is no longer a problem, as now both wood colors are possible.

How to Use
In order to place these stairs with the banisters, y'all will need moveobjects on, so that you can place everything together properly (otherwise you'll only be able to place the main stairs, which as can be seen from the pictures, looks a little strange). After that, they are perfectly usable by sims, and can be recolored in-game however you wish.

How Do They Work?
The main stair parts are cloned from my art deco add-on stairs and the banisters are cloned from the 12th Dynasty Song Vase, so the carpet/wall piece is the actual staircase and the banister is purely decorative; it is because the banister was cloned this way that it essentially sits "inside" of the main staircase, allowing sims to ignore it when they go up and down.

Recoloring Information
The staircase is repositoried to the M&G Sweeping Success staircase, so any recolors of that should also show for the carpet and walls; In order to achieve the effect I wanted, I left the railing un-repositoried, so both the banister and the balusters are separately recolorable.

If y'all do make recolors, please keep in mind that the cherry wood color of the banister is shiny, and the oak color is more matte, to match their respective stairs, thus you can choose beforehand the effect you want for the wood.

Technical Information
The staircases are both 298 polys, while both railings are 2817, so put together we're looking at 3115 (higher than the art deco pieces, so if y'all have older computers, BE CAREFUL).

The staircases are found in the Stairs section of the Build Mode catalog and are priced at $1,675, while the railings are found in the Sculptures section of the Decorative part of Buy Mode for $950 (that kind of old craftsmanship doesn't come cheap!)

Mansion & Garden is required for these to work.

Lastly, Maxis owns everything, so no paysites! If anyone wants to convert these, please keep them free: no patreon, paywalls, nada. Recolor to y'all's heart's content (and let me know if y'all do--I wanna see!!)

Polygon Counts


Merry Christmas, and I hope that y'all can find a place for these, too, in your sims' homes and businesses.

The makers of SimPe, mustluvcatz, maxon, and dARE for their help with the other staircases, without which these would not be possible, MTS for all the tutorials, Matt_Y for the WCIF that gave me the final nudge to complete these, and most importantly, God.