New custom spell : Ghostify and Vade Retro Phantasma

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Uploaded: 30th Jun 2022 at 2:07 PM
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Vade Retro Phantasma



You need the Spellbook Injector mod V2 (click here) by Simsonian Library.

The Sims 4 and Realm of Magic Game Pack (GP08) are also required.

General information

This is my first mod and I'm a native French speaker, if you think English translation is not accurate, please just tell me in the comments for the next update. Other languages are translated with Google Translator (except any mention in the languages part on the page). Tell me if you experiment any kind of trouble (especially with the female, male and neutral form). Thank you!
(The English translations are in the file with the same name if you want to help me.)

If you have any idea for next spells, just let me know. I'm currently working on some for more "hoodoo-ish" style.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the actual mod, tell me. Thanks!

It designed/tested on the game version (2022-05-27).


There are two spells : Ghostify and Vade Retro Phantasma.
Ghostify allows to cast a spell for transforming a human Sim into a Ghost.
Vade Retro Phantasma allows you to send back any Ghost in the Netherworld.
(Fun fact: "Vade Retro Phantasma" is a pun from "Vade Retro Satana" Latin formula which means "Begone/Step back Satan" and uses in exorcism. "Phantasma" is one of translation for "Ghost" in Latin).

Vade Retro Phantasma is a final spell (if you save your game), because Ghost is removed and deleted from the world.

A little video for more graphics (feel free to subscribe :D):


Delete the old .package files of the mod.

And just drop the file .package (Ghostify or Vade Retro Phantasma or both) in your mod folder. In a sub-folder if you want, just avoid having too many sub-folders for compatibility reasons.

If you want and if you know what you do, you can also deleted cache files from your Sims 4 folder (spotlight_[your language].package and localthumbcache.package).


Mischief magic, level 4, no tome, deblocked with dueling for knowledge or asking Magic Sage.

Vade Retro Phantasma
Untamed magic, level 4, no tome, deblocked with dueling for knowledge or asking Magic Sage.

Pie menu
On the target Sim : "Magic" > "Spells" > "Ghostify" or "Vade Retro Phantasma"
Don't display (or sometimes grayed out with a tooltip) in some circumstances (pets, child, if a spell is already cast on the target Sim, the target Sim is a vampire, witch, spellcaster, ...).


  • Success (level 0 and 1 of magic energy): Target turns into a Ghost during 24 hours with a mood buff +100 stressed during 6 hours and a temporarily trait. After 24 hours, the Sim returns to a human form and the trait is removed.
  • Charged success (level 2 and 3 of magic energy): Target turns into a permanent Ghost with a new trait and a mood buff scared +100 during 6 hours.
  • Failure: Spellcaster turns into a Ghost during 24 hours with a mood buff +100 stressed during 3 hours and a temporarily trait. After 24 hours, the Sim returns to a human form and the trait is removed.
  • During the transformations: the Sim is blocked with an interaction during 10 sim minutes (interaction can't be canceled by the gamer).
  • Reactions: Crowd react about the ghost (just an animation and a bubble, no mood) during the mood buff of the target or spellcaster (so, during 6 or 3 hours) and with a cooldown of 20 sim minutes.
  • Occult Sims and others: for compatibility, it's impossible to cast the spell on Witches, Spellcasters, Vampires, Magic Sages, Mermaids, Aliens, ... I don't much know the game with occult trait and ghost, so for now, it's disabled.
  • Other spells during this: for compatibility (and more challenges), it's impossible at this time to cast some spells (of the game and also Vade Retro Phantasma) on a Ghost created with the Success and Failure, and during 6 hours for the Charged success. Spells can be grayed out with a tooltip or just don't be displayed.

Vade Retro Phantasma
  • No big fail for the Spellcaster.
  • Should be a success each times. A dialog box open and you can confirm your choice : "Yes" for the return to Netherworld or "Cancel".
  • Add a mood buff (sad, +100, 3 hours) and reactions crowd on success and on "canceling dialog" (mood on the target Sim) and on failure (mood on the spellcaster).
  • For more challenge (and compatibility), you can't cast this spell on a Sim in your currently household (and your others playable).
  • But WARNING this is a final spell (on the ghost) if you save your game, because the Sim is removed and deleted from the world and game.

Known issues

  • An issue with animation for return of the human form when Sim is sleeping or sitting. Animation (with "sparkle" and "fire") doesn't play, but the human form is okay, just not running the animation.
  • I think there is sometimes a little issue with failure of the Spellcaster if there is an excess of magic : the Spellcaster doesn't become a ghost and an animation is played (light beams) on the target.

I'll try to fix that.

Known conflicts

These mods don't override the game ressources.

Maybe some mods can conflict with it (mod with deadly spells or ghosts), don't know, tell me if you have an issue and I'll try to update. For information, theses mods use script from the game to transform a Sim into a Ghost for maximum compatibility (with trait, and other).


  • English (if there is error in the translation, tell me, thanks)
  • French
  • Russian (really thanks to Urayxor)
  • Others languages, yes but translated with Google Translator (tell me if they are not accurate)


Check the first section on the top of the page to obtain information about last update.

2022-07-08: Vade Retro Phantasma v1.2 and Ghostify v1.1

2022-06-30: Vade Retro Phantasma v1.1

2022-06-26: Public release v1.0 (Ghostify and Vade Retro Phantasma)

  • Zer0_Mods for helping with amazing tutorials
  • Sims4Studio for making the software of the same name
  • r3m for creating the first one Spellbook Injector mod