A Modern Family House with a Garage and a Pool || NO CC || NO CHEATS

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Uploaded: 30th Jul 2022 at 9:56 AM
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Greetings, fellow Simmers! R92 here with my second house for the community!

This Star Wars/Star Trek spaceship looking thing is a one story modern house for a family of four (parents with two daughters) packed with a uniquely situated garage and an open-to-all, covered, neighboring pool on the ground level.

The house is built upon a foundation and consists of a ground level and a single story which is accessed by an elevator. The ground level features a semi-open interior design while the first story resembles an apartment loft with a covered terrace and a balcony. The house consists of the following areas:
The Ground Level
  • a garage which is retracted into the house and distinctly encapsulated inside the open section of the ground floor
  • a surrounding area which features a chess board for visitors and a couple of vending machines for snacks
  • a covered pool next to the garage which can be accessed through arches and enjoyed by visitors
  • an elevator to the upper story which is a living area of the owners
The First Story
  • a kitchen, a dinning room and a living room all combined into a single nightclub-ish entry area of the first story which also contains a bar at your full disposal - bring on the partheees!
  • a bathroom which is accessed by a door in the entry area; features a shower, a couple of sinks, full sized mirrors and a toilet
  • a main bedroom distinctly hidden behind the kitchen and accessed through the mysterious red door; includes a queen sized bed, a shower, a wardrobe, a piano, and a work desk with a computer
  • a main bedroom balcony for relaxation and hangouts with family members and closest friends
  • a covered terrace which is accessed by a main door from an entry area; it consists of two parts:
    - a lowered dining area situated on the top of the garage which features two tables and eight dining chairs - perfect for your gatherings and celebrations with family and friends
    - a walkway which leads to a separate bedroom and which features a barbecue grill, a small table for food, a bench and a beautiful palm planted in a pot
  • a bedroom for the girls to study, relax, hang out with each other and their friends

The outdoors feature a paved walkway, neatly bordered with small hedges, on the right side of the house which leads to an area beneath the balcony equipped with a hammock. The left side of the house features several trees of various sizes and colors, a playground set for the kids and a small sized fountain embossed from the house. The entire house is bordered with hedges and accompanied by scattered sections of bushes and flowers.

Additional information and credits
  • building a house on a foundation and a garage that doesn't support foundations and cannot be molded into a single unit with the rest of such building was the most tricky part (because I was doing it without cheats). Overcoming this obstacle is the real reason for the shape of the entire structure
  • I haven't tested the house (moved sims inside); if the bookshelves in the entry area are causing trouble (sims want to access them but fail to do so and they eat your sanity with their constant complaints about it), you can either remove them and put something decorative in its place, or you can remove chairs that are in the way to those bookshelves; another way to bypass removal of anything is to try finding a spot in that room for an additional accessible bookshelf; those bookshelves were meant to be only decorative
  • similar situation can be found in the main bedroom - if the interactions with the bed and the bookshelves are blocked, try removing the bookshelves and putting some decorations in their place; these bookshelves were meant to be accessible

I've made this lot without any CC and without the use of any building cheats to give hope to people like myself - to people who desire the vanilla experience. I hope this house proves to such people that, "Yes, you can do it too. And you don't need to know everything there is to know about the Sims in order to create something lovely".

I hope you'll enjoy playing around this lot as much as I enjoyed creating it!
Many thanks to ch4rms from reddit (aka Charmful here on modthesims) for the encouragement, and many thanks to the modthesims staff, among many others!

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Your R92