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The Sims 4 Lizards

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Uploaded: 5th Aug 2022 at 9:04 PM
Updated: 17th Oct 2022 at 7:47 PM
The Sims 4 Lizard Pack

Add three new pets to your game with 5 new lizard terrariums, 3 terrarium specific furniture pieces, and 7 decorative, lizard themed items for a total of 15 items.
?Base Game Compatible

? Custom tuned terrariums allow for turning the terrarium light on and off, changing the light color, and even naming your pet. Choose between 3 iguana VFX that are base game compatible and made placeable by BakieGaming's mod that unlocks the VFX for us.

?Mix and match. The small terrarium fits both the small and medium iguana, though I'd recommend giving the medium iguana more space with the medium terrarium. The large terrarium can fit two iguanas of any kind.

?Terrarium specific furniture allows for placement of the Inner tank variants nicely. The inner tank utilizes a strip light inside of the tank instead of the large bulb light on top, with a clean design that fits flush with the furniture. Terrariums can also be used on base game furniture, but certain accent tables will be too thin to hold the terrariums properly.

?Functional plastic storage bins have an inventory for items. Box fan functions as a thermostat if you have Seasons.

1. Download Bakie's Placeable Animated, Placeable Iguanas that slot into the terrariums. Download link is in the description of his video describing how to use the iguanas. Big thanks to Bakie for his placeable vfx that help my visions for these cc packs come to life.

2. Bakie describes this and other quirks in his video, but only the large iguana VFX is rotatable. This means that the medium and small tanks can only go on certain walls, because the VFX will clip outside of the tank if you place them in the direction the VFX does not rotate. The VFX will not appear until you press play in Live mode.

3. Search Iguana in your game to find Bakie's placeable iguanas intended for this CC pack. Search Lizards in your game to find items from this pack.

10.17.22 - updated all tank tuning to fix "script call failed error" for users without Get to Work, for some reason !
- Minor fix to remove shininess on the thumbnail swatch for "Medium Lizard Terrarium."

Large Lizard Terrarium | 5 swatches
Medium Lizard Terrarium
Medium Lizard Terrarium (Inner)
Small Lizard Terrarium
Small Lizard Terrarium (Inner)
Lizard Food | 3 swatches
Terrarium Shelf | 7 swatches
Terrarium Table | 7 swatches
Small Terrarium Table | 7 swatches
Lil Lizard Poster | 5 swatches
Lizard Mural Decal | 8 swatches
Lizard Sticker Decal | 11 swatches
Storage Bin | 5 swatches | Functional as storage
Storage Bin Clutter | 5 swatches | Functional as storage
Box Fan | 4 swatches | Functional as thermostat (Seasons required to function)

All items have all LODs and are as low poly as possible. (Largest item is the Large Lizard Tank at 2.2k polys).
All items are 100% original meshes.

There are 2 files available for download:
The MERGED contains every item in one package file.
The SEPARATE contains every item in separate package files.