Mummies Walk Like Zombies

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Uploaded: 25th Aug 2022 at 9:40 PM
Mummies are a very niche occult, but I have a certain nostalgia for them considering they arrived with the very first expansion pack for this game, which I adored.
Sadly, unlike the other more popular occults, they aren't as many mods for mummies, and some that are are broken because they haven't updated for the latest patches.

This simple single line copy-and-paste mod makes our beloved thousand year old corpses walk just slightly faster by using the walking animation used for Zombies. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to toggle tones for occults and sims that cannot run ( for example ghosts and pregnant sims ) so mummies won't be able to both walk and run, just walk.

As a disclaimer, this only affects playable mummies, tomb mummies ( unplayable ones spawned in sarcophagi ) remain unchanged and still use the default sluggish gait.

This mod conflicts with any mod that changes LocomotionConfig.xml , or that changes how any certain sim walks.