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Simple Green Screen

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Uploaded: 21st Aug 2022 at 11:35 PM
Have you ever looked at the 'Photo Drape' from the Moschino Stuff pack and thought "Why can't I buy this in green?"

Well, here's a quick retexture I did to let you do exactly that!

Comes in two flavours: Standalone & Override

The Flavours
The Standalone flavour adds a new object called 'Simple Green Screen' and should be compatible with basically anything.

The Override flavour overrides the original Photo Drape object and adds a new, green swatch. This adds less clutter to your buy menu than the standalone version but has a larger file size and might conflict with other mods that edit the Photo Drape.

Buy Mode Info
Category: Decorations > Misc
Price: ยง100
In-Game Name (Standalone): Simple Green Screen
In-Game Name (Override): Photo Drape

- Created using Sims 4 Studio
- Credit to BrandonWicks25 for the lot used in the screenshots (available in the gallery as "Celebrity Mansion")