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Katsuki Bakugou shirts (Toddler Both Genders)

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Uploaded: 29th Nov 2022 at 12:45 AM
The Boy shirt first.
Ages: toddler
Gender: Boy
Clothing Type: Everyday, Party, sleep, hot weather.
Clothing section: tank top
Colors: White, Gray

You only need to have the toddler stuff to use this shirt.

LOD 0: Polygons-3146. Vertices-1954.
LOD 1: Polygons-1632. Vertices-1140.
LOD 2: Polygons-752. Vertices-566.
LOD 3: Polygons-332. Vertices- 298.

Now for the Girls shirt.
Ages: toddler
Gender: Girls.
Clothing Type: Everyday.
Clothing section: Blouse
Colors: White, Gray, Black

You only need to have eco lifestyle to use this in game.

LOD 0: Polygons-3456. Vertices-2252.
LOD 1: Polygons-2246. Vertices-1589.
LOD 2: Polygons-1228. Vertices-945.
LOD 3: Polygons-716. Vertices- 625.