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Simlish EA Sports Football (Soccer) Tees

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Uploaded: 6th Dec 2022 at 12:21 AM
"EA Sports. It's in the game." Whether you like it or not.
I know I'm not the only Sims player out there that dislikes real world English appearing on in-game content, even if it is a trademark or a brand. To that end, I have edited the recent SDX EA Sports world cup tees so that they now only feature Simlish text. (Well, apart from the EA part since I felt it was stylised enough already.)
For those of you that just don't like the tees at all *raises hand* I have also included a file that will prevent them from showing in CAS all together. EA already had them disallowed for random so no worries there.

There are two seperate package files included in the zip. Only use one of them.

MMeaSportsTeeSimlishDefault is the file you want to choose if you want to keep the tees but just change the text.
Each of the 13 t-shirt textures for both male and female frames have been edited to alter the word "Sport" into Simlish text.
Only the textures are included in the file to keep size down and so the items won't be marked as CC.

MMeaSportsTeeHider is the file to choose if you want to remove the t-shirts entirely.

The texture changes will be picked up automatically by any Sims already wearing the tees.
If you choose the hider version, any Sims already wearing the tees will continue to do so until you manually remove them.

The default version will conflict with any other mod that alters the textures of the tees. These are as follow;

The hider version will conflict with any other mod that alters the following CAS Part resources;