Testers Wanted: Daisies in Bud Vase (flame retardant!)

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Uploaded 8th Jun 2005 at 3:18 PM · Updated 2nd Feb 2006 at 8:00 PM by boblishman

Hi Guys,
Would you test this for me please?

Made with SimPE v 0.38, Milkshape, UVMapper and the Mesh Tool (still needed - to create the correct 'clickable area') ... it has its own unique (registered) GUID, is EP compatable (not required) and colour enabled.

Polygon Count: 462 (= low) Vertices: 341 (= low)

This is a small bud vase which contains three (flame retardant) daisies.

It comes in six flower colours (default = white) and six vase colours (default = blue - though I think the Green one - pictured below is the nicest)... so there are 36 possible combinations to clutter up your rooms!

It is purely decorative, and has NO interactions or animations (sorry! :confused: ).
However, because it's cloned from the small Maxis vase, it CAN be placed on a fireplace mantle without any cheats. It can, of course, be placed almost anywhere else (all surfaces).

It can be found under Decorative/Plants (or Decorative/ALL)
(though I've posted it here because I don't think of it as a 'plant'...it's a bloody vase of flowers...which is decorative! For some silly reason, Maxis decided to put THEIR vase of flowers under 'plants'...so I decided to 'join' them ...as I've no chance of 'beating' them.. ). It's the same price (30 simoleons) as the Maxis vase.

Please report any issues...and thanks for testing


Recolours: (As with all my objects,) please DO NOT post any files that contain my original mesh.
You are free to post your recolour files (preferably here, in the recolours section). Please pm before posting recolours....I always reply!.. as I love to see what you recolour artists can do with my stuff!

LOTS: Please do NOT include this (or any other of my objects) in any LOT uploads. These are BETA objects, here for testing, and not yet ready to 'inflict' on an unsuspecting LOT downloader.