Complete Bedroom Set *6 new meshes* (Update 8-21-05)

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Uploaded: 19th Jun 2005 at 4:22 AM
Updated: 21st Aug 2005 at 10:33 PM - Updated Bed file
I have finally completed an entire matching bedroom set. This is the "Simple Canopy Bed Set", it consists of 6 new mesh items, the full size canopy bed (2 versions, with or without drapes), a high boy dresser, bed side table, coffee table trunk, and gauze curtains. And 2 recolors, the white rug, for which you will need Echo's mesh (found here) and the white bed spread (no mesh needed but you do need the CEP (Colour Options Enabler)).

Specs for new meshes --

Canopy bed (no drape) polygons = 1568, vertices = 1031
Canopy bed w/drape, polys = 3608, vertices = 3713
Dresser, polys =248, verts = 496
Trunk/coffee table, polys = 118, verts = 236
Bedside table, polys = 118, verts = 236
Curtains, polys = 915, verts = 1106

**Updated, see below*** I've added the curtains even though I have not been able to get them to stop reverting to the original base when placed on diagional walls. When I figure it out I'll update the mesh.

The dresser's animation is a little funky, see the insert on the photo, but otherwise all options work fine.

The beds use all custom bedding as well as the Maxis originals.

The meshes are free to re-color as you want, however if you post those recolors on a pay site, the mesh MUST remain a free download, or post a link to a free download.
Anything made by me is File-Share-Friendly and MUST remain that way.

All should work without the expansion pack, I tried to use only original game objects as bases. Please let me know if you have any problems.

Enjoy, Kathy :D

**Update **

Finally figured out how to get the diagonal curtain to work, both the zip file and the rar now contain the updated version.

UPDATE 8/21/05

Changed the comfort, sleep and relax values through the BCON to match the posted values.