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Animated Ceiling Fan with Custom Animation

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Uploaded: 21st Aug 2005 at 3:25 AM
Updated: 23rd Oct 2008 at 8:50 PM by -Maylin-
As requested here is an animated ceiling fan with a faster animation. the animation is not quite as smooth as I would like, but I can live with it.

The oak and brass version is what is included in the mesh.

Unique Guid
Uni Ready (shouldn't be required)
Cloned From Electro Breeze Windmill

Poly count 912

Usage All Rooms / Appliances / Misc

Recolour Info
Recolourable. There are two custom texture options.

Installation Instructions
Unzip and put in Download dir (or below)

As it uses alpha/beta tools, all my objects must be considered beta until otherwise stated.

Recolouring & Posting Policy
You may recolour as you desire. You may post your recolours, but you must not post the original mesh.

Provide a link to the original mesh where you post your recolour.

At this time do not include my objects in any posted house /lots.