Moi dix Mois

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Uploaded 22nd Aug 2005 at 5:57 PM · Updated 12th Apr 2006 at 1:29 PM by Trouble1234

I'll post my Moi dix Mois-sims here.
My first upload is Mana, the bandleader.


He looks great with Artemistha's lashes-liners and eyebrows ( and SimderZ Eyeshadow (, but he comes without these parts.

hair mesh by guppysims
(actually the texture, too. I just edited hair ribbon)
clothes by steamed-pepsi (here) and aardverkams (here)
the lipstick is one of Maxis' but I made it more Mana-like ^^.
i downloaded the skin at the exchange but I added the black nails.


Hair by aikea guinea
skirt-mesh by aardvarkams
top-textur: Saiyuki-Sanzo style velvet shirt by Neemeister
lipstick almostblack by ? (maybe someone knows the creator and i can add the credit ^^)
eyebrows by Navetsea

Mana (male)

Hair-mesh by aikea guinea
Dress-mesh by JosephTheSim2k5
Dress-recolor by Sshodan
Eyebrows and Eyeshadow by Barcelonista
Skin here

Mana Version 2
Credits for skin, hair, brows are the same as last version XD
Clothes by q3tbo
Blush/Powder by Genensims
Blush by Sandy
Mesh for necklace by aikea guinea
Earrrings by liegenschonheit
(I think he looks much better than the first version ^^)

He comes without Eyeliner, because he uses the same like the female Mana...

Hope you'll like them.
I'll post the other Moi dix Mois-members soon.