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Uploaded 14th May 2006 at 3:59 PM · Updated 10th Jul 2006 at 9:39 AM by Trouble1234

I made another sim, I wanted to share with you ^^

It's Tsukasa, the drummer (not the bassist XD) of the japanese Gothrock-band "D'espairs Ray".
I like this band very much and so I decided to make the members (just one of them yet XD) for the sims.

I tried to make an outfit for Tsukasa, too, but I'm not very good in texturing, so it doesn't look very good -.-
It would be great, if there is someone who will make some D'espairs Ray-outfits.
(I could give you some pictures if you want to try it ^^)

Big thanks to the following people:

(Skin by) Louis
(Hair by) seomi
(Eyes by) Barcelonista

(Eyeshadow by) shannanagins
(Eyeliner by) Tiara
(Lipstick by) helaene

(Wristband by) Schwerelos/q3tbo

(Clothingmesh by) DBCAB

(texture for Tsukasa's trousers and boots by) KnightSkyKyte

Thank you so much!

I was very shocked, when I saw that Tsukasa hadn't been approved the last time although I was pretty sure, that I gave all credits.
But then I read "The main reason for this was: The admin notes: database error." ^^

I hope, that I really gave ALL credits and I did nothing wrong so he will be approved this time.
(If you read this, you know he has been approved XD)