AF Lolita hime cut

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Uploaded: 16th Jan 2006 at 5:01 AM
A pretty hime haircut with an attached mini hat for YA/ADULT/ELDER females to go with their best lolita wear! i wasnt going to share this but then i figured there are probably quite a few lolis out there looking for hairstyles and accessories!
i tried to make the hat as an accessory but couldnt make it work so dont ask if i can do these seperately, yes it will work with all expansions, no you do not need university or nightlife for it to work, yes she will be wearing her hat at all times, no i cant make this for teens- if i knew how to include a teen version in the mesh i would have done it (find me a good tutorial and i'll do it in my future meshes!)
sorry about the bad pics, i'm having some major graphics crashes and could only get one in game pic before the whole thing crashed on me!

rules:- recolour to your hearts content but leave the mesh here, dont alter my mesh in any way but feel free to tinker with the alpha as much as you want, upload recolours or this hair texture to websites/exchange with credit, no paysites, no donations, thanks go to Wes for the milkshape plugin and to all of you and your wonderful support! to the person that keeps giving my meshes very low stars i salute you, with my middle finger

let me know if there are any problems and i'll try to help!