Seomi Retextures of Sshodan's 'Guilty' Hair - Bright Streaks and Bi-coloured style added!

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Uploaded 8th Jul 2006 at 11:18 AM · Updated 11th Oct 2006 at 7:33 PM by schuldig_seiben

Hey everyone! ^____^

After Sshodan came out with these lovely meshes, I experimented a bit with retexturing for a slightly more realistic, silky look This is my first time retexturing a mesh, so I hope you like them! Remember, the textures are all Seomi's work

These are the 6 colours available: black, dark brown, light brown, red, blonde and white. If anyone would like more colours please request them in this thread

Anyway, I'm sure you're waiting for pictures Here they are ingame ^___^

...and here are some random pictures of them on sims ingame.


You need Sshodan's fantastic Guilty mesh fo these to show up in your game. They are colour binned - the black, blonde and red show up in their respective bins, the two browns in brown and the silver in custom

I've uploaded a .zip file to keep whiners off my back and because WinRAR can open .zips as well as .rars, I believe.

Many thanks to:

Seomi for allowing me to use her amazing textures
Sshodan for allowing me to upload my retextures
ProfessionalLoser for very kindly colour-binning them for me

I have some other meshes of Sshodan's that I've already retextured with these Seomi textures, but I'd like to see if it's worth uploading them first If there's little interest in this one (my personal favourite ) then maybe the others wouldn't be wanted by anyone either...>__< At the same time, Sshodan's mesh + Seomi's textures = winning combination, right? XD

Erm, with regards to requests for retextures and recolours (other than this one), I don't take requests so much as...I'm open to suggestions Either PM or ask/suggest here ^_____^

{edit} Please see the top of Page 2 for previews of other retextures I've done :D

Blood Red as requested by Corbins Raven added! Silver also (finally) posted :P
Blue-black as requested by xnymphetaminex added!
Stormy grey as requested by Enayla added!

Half black, half blonde as requested by Asato Tsuzuki added!
I'm sorry, I tried ;___;

Brightly-coloured streaks, bi-coloured black & silver also added

You can tell which one to download by the filename (I hope 0__o )

I hope you like them! If you download, please consider clicking the thanks button or maybe even leaving a comment It would make my day

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