Feminist Posters for Campus - By Request

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Uploaded 19th Jul 2006 at 11:43 AM

I dont usually upload anything - I'm just really not that good at creating, I'm more of a builder. But I was SOOO inspired by RoseIsRed supercool college posters that when there was a dorm building competition on www.sims2community.com, I wanted to build a feminist dorm for my simmies majoring in Feminist Activism, the major that White Rider made for me. Check it out, it completely Rocks!

So during the dorm building contest, I posted my entry & it's screenshots and some folks asked me to upload the posters from my "Mary Wollstonecraft Memorial Hall". So here they are!
I will upload more later if you all like them. I have a pretty great collection.

What's included here:
  • A Dorm Name Plate for a Feminist Dorm "Mary Wollstonecraft Memorial Hall" with a quote from her work, "Vindication of the Rights of Woman" (one of the first known feminist theory books - 18th century) It looks a LOT better in the game, but even with all the lighting on high and the shadows off, I couldnt get it brighter in the picture, so I am attaching a picture from fireworks.
  • Sark's "How to be a fabulous Feminist"
  • My own take on "I'm not a feminist, but..."
  • The Guerilla Girls ad campaign "Don't Stereotype Me"
  • A poster from the 1.15 million March for Women's Lives of 2004 (I was an organizer)
  • Women's Revolution Poster (and also the tatoo of half my friends)
  • The last 5 years winning posters of the National Organization for Women Foundation's nationwide project, "Love Your Body Day"

Recommended Links for your feminist dorm:
White Riders Feminist Activism Major (thanks White Rider!)
RoseIsRed's Fabulous College Union Posters

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